Career Redesign

After two years of focusing on my Front-end skills under the guidance of the boys at Newism it was time to veer my career into a more diverse client facing role.

During the last two years it was refreshing to be able to focus on just my Front-end Development skills during the builds of projects such as Inspirations Paint, CleverPatch, Jack Daniels and Deckee.

Cleverpatch’s website

One of my favourite projects in the last two years – CleverPatch’s responsive eCommerce site.

Deckee Responsive Website

An equally enjoyable project a responsive build for a local marine start-up that I was able to assist on.

The Next Chapter

I'm excited to announce that I have now commenced a new role at an advertising agency called Headjam.

While the roles at Newism and Headjam are somewhat similar I’ll now be working closer to clients and able to exercise my design and strategy itch during Headjam’s weekly project brainstorms. An aspect of my job that I’ve truly missed.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Lao Tzu

While change is scary – avoiding it is even scarier in the long run. This recent career change will ensure I have a diverse role focusing on both top-level and lower-level parts of projects.

A bit about Headjam

If you aren’t aware of who Headjam are, they describe themselves as “a creative agency that exists to stimulate change” which makes a lot of sense as they primarily work in the Health, Education, Arts and Community sectors.

Headjam's name and mantra means "a coming together of ideas". This concept is evident in their processes and philosophies where collaboration is key in ensuring successful outcomes are consistently produced — something I strongly subscribe too.

Location, Location

Headjam is based out of the joint creative hub Innx in Newcastle West. We share this unique space with another Newcastle agency Mezzanine-media and many other creative businesses and freelancers.

Innx is surrounded by good coffee establishments, has a great vibe and community feel to it. The former warehouse also boasts impressive facilities like a twenty-person cinema generally used for colour grading.

Innx Hub

The colourfully exterior of the INNX.hub 61-63 Parry St, Newcastle West

Come say ‘Hello’

If you’re about in Newcastle and want to pop into The Edwards you will usually find the Headjam crew there most Friday afternoons having a yarn after a productive week at work.

James Nowland

My new profile photo to match my co-workers.