Est. 2007


Hello my name is James, I'm a formally qualified graphic designer currently working as a front-end developer in Newcastle, Australia.

I'm dedicated to my craft of design. I spend most my spare time analyzing both visual design and user experience workflows in both the online and offline forums.

Front-End Development

Bridging the gap between the logical and visual arts has always been where I like to work. I've always enjoyed creating the best experience for the individuals utilising my sites. It is for this reason I am a preacher for responsive design.

I'm passionate about best practices to ensure high quality and maintainability of code. I am a problem solver of sorts, bringing both my own designs and executing the vision of others to life.

Graphic Designer

Visual problem solver, making life easy and forcing expression. While I consider myself a graphic designer I gravitate to designing for the online medium. I consider myself lucky I'm able to feed my family by solving problems with my designs and marketing experience for businesses.

In 2005 I officially graduated from my Diploma in Graphic Design after three years of study, getting my foot in the door at an Advertising Agency. While my diploma was important for the basic foundations of what I do, I hang my hat on my years of experience working in the industry.

Advertising & Digital Strategy

I don't just build sites. I promote and build campaigns to create successful businesses online.

Because of the critical importance of traffic has to the success of a website I have acquired holistic experience in:

The value that executing online marketing allows me to provide business is essential as a beautiful website without traffic it is merely unknown art as traffic is the lifeblood of the web.

Online medium leverages the unique ability of being able to track and monitor everything online, which gives an intriguing insight into human thoughts. I have a real appreciation for seeing the results of advertising, which has been heavily tested, is user friendly website and converts the consumer to the product advertised.

I know how critical it is to sell and set up lasting relationships with customers and to get on the raider of potential customers.

What Else Do I Do?

When I'm not wielding a mouse or treasuring time with my family. I love watching the greatest sport in the world rugby union.

I also keep my sanity by chasing endorphins from running and cycling.

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